More commonly known as an Extenzo®, this ceiling system is made of a synthetic membrane (vinyl). This membrane has been custom-made in our factory in the province of Québec for over 4 years.

Depending on the desired use, this membrane can become a ceiling or a mural designed to be installed on a ceiling, a wall or any self-supporting structure of a designated room.

Available in more 110 colors and usually with a glossy aspect (mirror effect) so that they give a sensation of height, the Extenzo® membranes are also available in matt, satin-finish, suede effect, translucent (for backlighting) and even printed to give your surroundings a unique and personalized feel.

Needing only a single inch of space for its installation and easy to remove and reinstall, the Extenzo® is perfect for basements.

Enough with cracks, peeled ceilings, bumps and old popcorn-textured ceilings; the extremely long life span of your Extenzo® membrane, around 40 years, will let you enjoy the upcoming years without having to repaint or make big renovations.

No need to move away, no need to fear airborne dust; your Extenzo® will be installed during the day by a certified professional, letting you enjoy your surroundings immediately and without having to laboriously clean the area.

Let’s not forget the possibility to include accessories such as downlights, chandeliers, fire sprinklers, air vents, detectors of all kinds and more. When a glossy finish Extenzo® membrane is installed, the downlights seems to be floating above us. The stretch ceilings are also known to improve energy efficiency thanks to the insulating air chamber created during the installation. However, it must be said that adding an actual thermal insulation material would be much more efficient. Moreover, your Extenzo® is 99% recyclable, which grants it the much sought HQE (High Quality Environmental standard) certification. All the Certified Installers of the country have committed themselves to the company and signed the recycling charter of your ceilings at their end-of-life. Furthermore, since our Extenzo® Stretch Ceilings are made in Québec, they are easily LEED certified all over the Canadian territory.

Apart from all the qualities listed above, the Extenzo® Stretch Ceilings are waterproof and will be able to sustain large quantities of water therefore keeping your furniture, floor, electronics and carpet safe.

Acoustic stabilizer: thanks to its small mass, the membrane breaks the reverberation effect and transforms the ceiling into an acoustic harmonizer. Keep in mind that there will be no miracles: inside a residence, the installation heights do not allow for the same type of results as with commercial buildings, although the combination between an Extenzo® membrane and a quality acoustic insulation material will help improve sound quality.

Put simply, an Extenzo® Stretch Ceiling is the ideal solution for both looks and efficiency.

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